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Art and culture

Val Venosta has different monuments and locations of historical importance situated on the "Roman Alpine Road" too.

Silandro´s library, located in `Schlandersberg`- one of Sialndro´s castles, is a popular attraction.

If you´re visiting or travelling through Val Venosta take down some worth seeing sites!

Reschen Pass (Passo Resia) where you'll find a church tower sticking out of the artificial lake where once there was a village;

Marienberg Abbey or Churburg castle with a lovely courtyard and a substantial collection of armour or the medieval town of Glurns, Castel Juval or the Messner Mountain Museum in Sulden.

The visitor centres in National Park Stilfser Joch will give you a glimpse of life in the mountains, while ArcheoPark in Val Senales of Ötzi, the Iceman.


--- Check out traditional South Tyrol Christmas markets with their unique atmosphere ---

Foodies' Paradise

While in Val Venosta you can´t pass by without tasting its delicacies!

Several festivals offer regional specialties: wine, bread, ”speck“ - our smoked bacon and other South Tyrolean recipes such as "Schlutzkrapfen" (half-moon pastas filled with spinach and soft cheese), "Marillenknödel" (sweet dumplings filled with apricots) or "Apfelstrudel" (apple strudel)! Seize the day!

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